State environmental officials now say they want to “clarify” an earlier advisory that revealed PFOA / PFOS chemicals in the City of Summerville’s water supply were higher than allowed by Federal standards. 

According to information obtained by WZQZ, the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) says the first thing to remember is that the health advisory is based on “long-term, daily consumption of water over a lifetime”; specifically “2 liters a day for 70 years.”

The EPD said on Thursday that the water advisory does not include a “do not drink” recommendation.  Instead, the advisory is to inform consumers of “potential health risks” associated with long-term consumption.  The water advisory says that women who are pregnant or nursing and infants should not ingest the water.

The EPD also says that restaurants can go back to business as usual.  The EPD says, “Individuals do not consume water at a restaurant with the same frequency or in the same quantities as they do at home.” According to the water advisory, pregnant women and nursing mothers should not consume water or foods that absorb water when cooked (like pasta) at restaurants under this advisory.

The Georgia Department of Agriculture followed suite with the EPD Thursday and released a statement saying, “Based on the updated guidance regarding lifetime health advisories for PFOA/PFOS, and for cases in which water is considered safe for human consumption, water is also considered safe for animal consumption and for common uses such as bathing.”