Word began to circulate late yesterday afternoon that Chattooga County will have a new state court judge.  According to local attorney Sam Finster, he has been appointed to the position by Governor Sonny Perdue. Finster was defeated in the 2006 election by Carlton Vines.  Now Vines has been charged with voter fraud in that election.  While the case against Vines has not gone to court, a superior court judge has ruled that Chattooga County must continue to pay Judge Vines. For the past several months the county has been forced to pay both Vines and Judge Jerry Westbrooks, who has been filling in for the suspended Vines.  The appointment by Perdue doesn’t change the fact that the county will still be paying two judges, only now those judges will be Carlton Vines and Sam Finster. Finster is expected to be sworn in today in Atlanta.  Governor Sonny Perdue’s office told AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio in January that the governor was considering an appointment, and it was expected by many locals that person would be Sam Finster. Vines trial on voter fraud charges is expected to go to court in March.