Governor Sonny Perdue appointed Sam Finister to the state court bench earlier this week.  AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio received confirmation of the swearing in shortly afternoon on Thursday.

In January the Governor’s Press Secretary had told AM 1180 that the governor was considering appointing someone to the bench to take the place of suspended State Court Judge Carlton Vines. 

Vines has been suspended for aledged voter fraud in the 2006 State Court Judge election in which he defeated Finster after the absentee ballots swung heavily in Vine’s favor. 

On Wednesday of this past week Finster said that the governor would be appointing him state court judge.  Judge Finster was sworn in on Thursday.  Commissioner Jason Winters, the person who will sign the check for the state court judge, said that the governor’s office did not notify his office of the appointment, but that he had received word that the appointment would happen.

On Thursday AM 1180 Chattooga County radio contacted the governor’s press office to confirm the news of Finster’s appointment.  At first the governor’s press office said there would be no official release regarding the appointment; however, the governor’s office called AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio back and said that they would like to confirm Judge Finster’s appointment.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Jason Winters will still have to continue to pay suspended State Court Judge Carlton Vines until the conclusion of his trial which is scheduled to begin in March.  If  Vines is found guilty Finster will serve out the remainder of the term, if Vines is found innocent he would be re-instated to the bench.