This school year has seen many great things come from Chattooga High School, one of which is the addition of "flex" time on Wednesdays. Flex time is a time for students to be able to make up missed work and receive tutoring or extra help on assignments. If students are exceeding in their studies and have permission they are allowed to exempt flex time. Until this point in the school year flex time has been during the morning on Wednesdays. Beginning Wednesday, February 3rd, flex time will be changed to the afternoon. Flex time will begin at 1:28pm and last until the final bell at 3:08pm. The school day will begin at 7:45am. Those students with propper permission may leave at 1:28. Those who need to make up work, receive tutoring, or do not have permission to leave will stay at school until the end of the school day.  If you have questions regarding flex time at CHS please contact the front office by calling 706-857-2402.