An internal investigation into the response to a shooting in Armuchee that left a man dead and another wounded has found that an E911 operator did not follow standard operating procedure.

On Nov. 17, John Gregory Davis, whose daughter was the ex-girlfriend of suspected gunman Robert Timothy Spriggs Jr., was killed at his Old Dalton Road home. Scott Sulsberger, the brother-in-law of Davis’ daughter, was shot at his East Clinton Drive home by Spriggs, police said. He is recovering.

At issue is the response to the second shooting, where Sulsberger was wounded. Floyd County Police Chief Bill Shiflett said earlier that there was a complaint about the length of time of the emergency responses, when the calls were received and dispatched, and the time it took officers to arrive.

Floyd County released the following information Thursday afternoon:

The internal investigation into the public safety response related to the shootings that occurred on Nov. 17, 2009 has been completed.

The findings of this investigation reveal that the E911 Operator did not follow standard operating procedure when the Operator failed to dispatch the City of Rome Police Department to the East Clinton address where one of the victims and other individuals were located.

The investigation results are being provided to the E911 Director, and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken after the Director has had an opportunity to fully review the investigative report and meet with the dispatcher involved in this situation.