A Rome-Floyd County 911 dispatcher who did not follow procedure in dispatching police to a shooting last month has been demoted and suspended for two weeks.

Renee Baldwin, who was the supervisor at the center on Nov. 17 when related shootings unfolded at two locations in Floyd County, received the suspension for not following procedural guidelines.

Robert Timothy Spriggs Jr. was later arrested and charged in those shootings that left one man dead and one injured.

The disciplinary action comes after Floyd County police released a report last week determining on the day of the shooting, the 911 center did not send Rome police units to Scott Sulsberger’s home on East Clinton Drive quickly enough. Sulsberger was shot and wounded before police arrived.

An investigation into the 911 call and radio traffic to police determined dispatchers should have sent police to the East Clinton Drive location when the call initially came in that Spriggs might be agitated and on the way to confront Holly Davis, who had taken out a temporary restraining order on him.

Spriggs has been charged with felony murder, two counts of aggravated assault, burglary, theft by taking, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime and cruelty to children.

Floyd County Police Capt. Mark Wallace was called in to conduct an investigation of how the 911 call was handled after county commissioners and the county manager received a complaint about the length of time it took police to respond to the shootings.

The investigative report concluded a delay in police response was caused by a 911 operator, later determined to be Baldwin, failing to notify police “in a timely manner” of the potential danger.