Infection Prevention Specialist Linda Huddleston at Floyd Medical Center says parents should keep kids out of school and everyone should avoid public settings if they are suspected of carrying the flu virus. Huddleston says the peak of H1-N1 cases for this fall appears to have already occurred although she says another wave of this flu could strike this winter. Young children and pregnant women are among the most susceptible groups when it comes to swine flu according to Huddleston

Huddleston recommends residents, especially those in the high risk demographics, receive vaccinations to ward off the swine flu. She says the only side-effects of significance from the vaccines administered this fall have been local soreness at the site of the injection. Of the 22-million Americans who have contracted the H1-N1 flu this year, eight-million have been children according to Centers for Disease Control estimates. Huddleston says hand-sanitizers is the number-one way to prevent the spread of the H1-N1 virus, although the other preventative steps are important to follow as well.