An official from the state council that certifies police officers confirmed the organization is investigating former Fort Oglethorpe cop Keith Robertson.

Robertson resigned Nov. 3 after he was caught on surveillance video having sex in public with a woman while he was supposed to be on duty.

Ryan Powell, director of operations at the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) council, said the organization has opened an investigation on Robertson.

Police Chief David Eubanks said Robertson resigned, rather than being fired, after he admitted to the sex incident.

Powell said the POST council has the option of taking no action or going so far as to revoke Robertson’s peace officer certification, depending on the outcome of the case.

“Once it’s revoked, after 24 months, or two years, they can petition the council for recertification,” Powell said.

He declined to comment further while the matter is under investigation.

Robertson’s extramarital activities became public after security cameras at Keith Heating & Air in Walker County captured the sex incident.

The business released the video first to the news media and a reporter made them available to Eubanks, who said he quickly confronted his officer.

Lee Keith of Keith Heating & Air said she has started declining the numerous requests from news organizations for copies of the surveillance video.

“It’s done and over with,” Keith said. “It’s been run to death.”

She said she has received several messages from people threatening to see that they don’t get more business and accusing them of having a vendetta against an officer they say they don’t even know.

While several people are eager to close Robertson’s case, an investigation of another Fort Oglethorpe officer is still open. Doug Howell, who now works in the department as a training officer, has been under investigation on charges that he falsified documents to achieve an honorary certification for the department in 2005 while he was chief. Howell denies the allegations.

POST officials said the case was passed to the state attorney general in September 2007 after Howell appealed the council’s decision to revoke his certification. At the attorney general’s office, spokesman Russ Willard said the case is still pending, and he could not provide further details.