A former Georgia police officer was convicted on Monday in connection with the shooting death of an unarmed black man whom the officer had found wandering naked outside an apartment complex in 2015.

The former officer, Robert Olsen, was acquitted of murder, but found guilty of charges including aggravated assault, violating the oath of his office and making a false statement after the fatal encounter with Anthony Hill, whom Mr. Olsen shot twice in a parking lot after residents said he was running around, knocking on doors.

The DeKalb County, Georgia  jury returned its verdict after deliberating for more than a week, resolving a case that had dragged on for years as judges recused themselves and other delays held up the trial.

Mr. Olsen, 57, is scheduled to be sentenced by a judge next month and was released on bond, with an ankle monitor, until then. Though he no longer faces the mandatory life sentence that would have accompanied a murder conviction, he faces up to 35 years.

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