A former Polk County deputy who pleaded guilty to mail fraud last year was sentenced to five years of probation in federal court Thursday.

Kenneth Lane Gravett, 43, of Cedartown, a 17-year law enforcement veteran, will serve the first 10 months of his probation confined to his home with electronic monitoring, per the order of Judge Robert L. Vining Jr., of U.S. District Court in Rome.

“I think this is the appropriate sanction for the offense,” Vining said. “I’ve taken into account that you were a police officer, and I think the greatest punishment is that you can no longer serve as a peace officer.”

According to information previously presented in court:

In 2008, Gravett fell behind on his loan payments for a Harley Davidson motorcycle and then on Dec. 3, 2008, falsely reported to the bike stolen from his garage.

Gravett reportedly used the insurance proceeds to pay off the delinquent loan and on Dec. 4, 2008, another co-conspirator sold the motorcycle to an FBI informant for $1,500.

He then reported the theft to his insurance carrier American Modern Select Insurance Company, mailing the fraudulent police report to the company, reportedly in order to obtain funds to pay off the motorcycle.

Gravett was ordered to pay back $12,517.02 and was ordered to immediately pay a special assessment of $100 to the government. Vining said if he could not pay the total amount to the insurance company for the fraudulent claim, he would have to pay it back in installments of $300 a month.

With his family sitting behind him, Gravett apologized to the court for his crime and admitted his wrongdoings.

“I’m working to make a better life for me and my kids,” he said.

The conditions of Gravett’s probation confine him to his home with exception to work, visiting a doctor, school, religious services, visiting his lawyer or making a court appearance. Gravett, who his lawyer said was also an avid hunter, was also advised he was not allowed to own or use firearms.

It is a felony for convicted felons to possess firearms.