Georgia pair arrested in connection to local burglaries

An on-going burglary investigation of several campers on Cherokee County Road 450 in the Spring Creek area has resulted in the arrest of two Georgia residents for possession of a stolen vehicle and illegal drugs.

Arrested, according to Cherokee County Sheriff Jeff Shaver, was Rayford Clarence Redding (31 year old white male) of 1130 Gunclub Rd. Buchanan, Ga., who was charged with receiving stolen property in the first degree, unlawful possession of a controlled substance and Obstruction of Justice for giving Investigators a false name to avoid arrest.

Redding is also charged with a probation violation from the State of Georgia.

Also arrested, Shaver said, was Katrina Ellen Frazier (35 year old white female), of 1244 Rockmart Hwy. Cedartown Georgia was charged with receiv-ing stolen property in the first degree and unlawful possession of a con-trolled substance.

On Tuesday, Jan. 26, Shaver said, deputies responded back to County Road 450 after a concerned citizen came into the sheriff’s office and informed sheriff’s officers he had tried to assist individuals that had a vehicle stuck in the mud on County Road 450. When deputies arrived on the scene they found the vehicle stuck and abandoned.

After investigation, it was learned that the truck was stolen from Heard County, Ga. And local authorities towed it to the sheriff’s inpound lot in Centre. A search of the area failed to locate anyone. The citizen described the two people he had seen as a slender white male and an average size white female, the male was also supposed to have some facial hair. Investigator Bo Jolly returned to the area Wednesday morning where he observed a white male and a white female at Johns Store that fit the description of the two people that had been at the truck the evening before, Shaver said.

Investigator Jolly contacted the suspects and was unsucessful in obtaining any identification from them. Investigator Jolly was joined by Cpl. Gene Knowles and after obtaining consent, a search was conducted where a pistol, illegal drugs, and a rifle were discovered. Evidence was found in their pos-session that linked the suspects to the stolen truck that was recovered on Tuesday. Both were arrested and transported to the Cherokee County Deten-tion Center, Shaver said.

The burglary investigation is still being conducted by investigators with the sheriff’s office. At this time the suspects have not been charged with any of the burglaries. Anyone having any knowledge or information related to the burglaries is urged to contact the Sheriff’s Office.

Frazier and Redding are currently awaiting a bond hearing, Redding will be released to Georgia authorities upon his release, Shaver said.


Cherokee Herald