Georgia Power is wanting to go up on its power bills. The company said that it will send a request to the Georgia Public Service Commission next year to raise its fuel charges $6.98. The hike, that if approved, would go into effect April 1, and would raise the average customer`s monthly bill, including base rate and the fuel charge to $142.42. 

Fuel charges are used to pay for the coal, natural gas and nuclear fuel that utilities use to produce power. Utilities are entitled under law to recover those costs.

Georgia Power is asking for $3.9 billion to cover its costs of fuel for the 14-month period from April 2010 to May 2011, a $470 million increase over its current fuel cost charge.

The PSC is to hold public hearings on Georgia Power`s fuel case filing in February. A final decision is expected in March.

Coosa Valley News