The 2011 Georgia Association of Secondary School Principals Breakout Schools were recognized at ceremonies at the Fall Conference of the GASSP.  Making the presentations were GASSP State Coordinator Dr. Joe Hutchenson and NASSP President Ken Griffith.  Named as 2011 Breakout Schools (Principals )are:Pierce Middle School (Perry Tison); Collins Middle School (Chris Freeman); Southwest Middle School (Kimsherion Reid); Rex Middle School (Camille Murner); Warner Robins Middle School (Donald Warren); Louisville Middle School (Ken Hildebrant); Smokey Road Middle School (Laurie Barron); Twin Rivers Middle School (Linda C. Boyd); Indian Creek Middle School (Renee Mallard); Summerville Middle School (Kevin Muskett); Liberty Middle School (Connie Stovall); Holcombe Bridge Middle School (Joy Schroelucke); and The Champion School (Angelique-Smith Hunt). In statewide competition, GASSP named the following as 2011 Distinguished Breakout Schools based on criteria established by NASSP: Indian Creek (Renee Mallard); Liberty Middle (Connie Stovall); Pierce County Middle (Perry Tison); Rex Middle (Camille Murner); and Summerville Middle (Kevin Muskett).

According to the GASSP the designation represents the best of the middle schools in Georgia.