The Georiga Bureau of Investigation is listing an unsolved Chattooga County murder from 19 years ago on its web site.  The Bureau has listed the murder of 13 year old Christy Stephens on their web site under "unsolved cases." – (

In 1990 Stephens was a student at Summerville Middle School.  After complaining of a soar throat her parents allowed her to stay home from school.  That was the last time her parents saw her.  Days later her badly decomposed body was found on the east side of Taylors Ridge.

Gary McConnell, sheriff of Chattooga County at that time believes that the girl was killed elsewhere and brought back to the spot where her body was found.

The Chattooga County Sheriffs department is also interested in the case.  Cheif Investigator Larry Kellett told the Summerville News that new DNA technology may bring some leads in the 19 year old case.