The Georgia Bureau of Investigation on Tuesday said there is no new evidence or developments in the June 24 shooting that left a Fort Oglethorpe police officer wounded and one man dead.

But some new details have emerged.

The shooting occurred at the parking lot of Chik-Fil-A on Battlefield Parkway after officers pulled over John C. Coates of Rossville to serve a warrant.

The suspect refused to cooperate and shots were exchanged. Coates died from a gunshot wound to the head. Fort Oglethorpe police officer Mitchell Moore was wounded.

Jerry Scott, special agent with the GBI office in Rossville, said GBI investigators “don’t do timelines,” as far as wrapping up the investigation. He said the GBI is waiting to receive toxicology reports from Coates’ autopsy and must complete more paperwork and submit its findings to district attorney Herbert “Buzz” Franklin.

“If it appears to be a justifiable situation, we’ll close it out,” Scott said.

Scott also said it is his understanding that four shots were fired at the scene. He said Moore did not receive a direct hit to his back, but that the bullet “grazed him.”

“It appeared (Moore) was turning sideways when it hit. It wasn’t a direct shot to the back,” Scott said.

Moore was wearing a bullet-proof vest.