AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio heard from State Representative Barbara Massey Reece late Friday evening concerning funding to keep the State Crime Labs open in Summerville.   Representative Reece called from the floor of the house Friday evening saying that funding was in the budget to keep the state crime lab in Summerville open for the next nine months.  The funding will keep the lab along with others that were slated for closure, open until the General Assembly meets next year.  At that time legislators will have to find money to keep the crime labs open. The crime lab in Summerville serves a ten county area in Northwest Georgia.  Opponents of the closure, including some law enforcement officials, were worried that without the regional crime lab forensic tests would be backlogged in the remaining crime labs. Representative Reece and other state legislators in the affected areas worked to find money to place in the budget to keep the crime labs open, at least for now.