To help retailers promote farm fresh food from the state, the Georgia Department of Agriculture has created two logos, "Georgia Grown" and "Georgia, Always in Good Taste," to use in print advertising copy.  A new "Georgia Grown" logo (above left) has been developed and is being introduced.  Growers put these logos on their produce boxes, which can be found many times in the supermarket produce department.

"These logos stand out on the page, letting consumers know where their food is grown," says Commissioner Tommy Irvin of the Georgia Department of Agriculture.  "They really grab one´s attention and work well along with other promotional materials our individual commodity commissions provide."

For more information, contact Thomas Marks, Georgia Department of Agriculture, Marketing Division, 19 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive SW, Room 328, Atlanta, Gerogia 30334.  Phone:  (404) 656-3740  E-mail: