Georgia Power said that the additional fees are planned to take effect in 2012 for its nuclear expansion project and energy efficiency programs will be less than what was projected. The increase for next year will be 57 cents. However, the nuclear fees in 2013 will be higher than first thought.

Georgia Power is part of an estimated $14 billion expansion project at Plant Vogtle. Georgia Power is on the hook for $6.1 billion of the project. Consumers will pay $1.7 billion in financing costs as part of a special fee on their monthly bills.

The fee started at $3.88 in January and will increase annually through 2015. Georgia Power originally projected the 2012 increase to be $1.45 for a typical monthly bill. The utility has reduced that amount to 38 cents. The additions are cumulative.

The amount will increase another $2.09 in 2013.

The remaining 19 cent increase on monthly customer bills in 2012 is to pay for Georgia Power`s energy efficiency programs, which are designed to help customers save energy and reduce their electricity bills.