The Georgia Supreme Court is refusing to hear an appeal from Rome web-site owner Teresa Watson.  The Court on Friday issued the following statement:


"Petitioners have filed a Motion to Stay Proceedings Below and several letters related to proceedings in the trial court on Respondent’s complaint for defamation.
No basis for appellate jurisdiction in this Court appears from the materials thus far filed. Accordingly, this matter is hereby transferred to the Court of Appeals."


The case has been referred to an appellate court.  The case centers around comments posted about Summerville resident Stephanie Dennis that were posted on Watson’s web site in 2007.


Earlier last week Judge Walter Matthews of Floyd County Superior Court ruled in Ms. Dennis’ favor after Teresa Watson failed to appear in court on two separate occasions.


Judge Matthews stated “the fact that she won’t even come to court to talk to me about things to try to work things out gives me the indication she has no desire to comply with any order of the court and I order that her answer be dismissed and that she be placed in jury and you can schedule a jury trial on the issue of damages,”

Some information from The Summerville News