Ft, Payne, Alabama police are reporting the death of a Georgia truckdriver that wrecked near Joe’s Truck Stop on Highway 35 in Ft. Payne.  The driver of the tractor trailer has been identified as Mark Anthony McKool, 47 of Kennesaw, Ga., who was pronounced dead at the scene when his tractor-trailer and load of mulch overturned.

The truck belonged to Georgia National Trucking Co., of Rome, Ga.It’s the second accident involving the same trucking company. On Jan. 23, Enrique Castro, 56 of Rome, Ga., wrecked in the curve also hauling mulch and at the same time of the morning. Castro walked away from the January wreck with minor injuries.

Ft. Payne Police  said the rate of speed was probably the difference between the injuries in the two wrecks.