The Georgia Forestry Commission reminds you that when you are burning outside the smoke from your fire is your responsibility: 

Smoke is a definite effect of fire. Anytime

you burn, your fire will produce

smoke. You are as responsible for your

smoke as you are your fire! Here are

some tips to help you reduce the amount

of smoke produced from the fire.

Burn smaller piles.

Smaller piles produce smaller

amounts of smoke.

Burn on clear days.

Cloudy overcast days tend to

stagnate the air causing smoke to

linger and settle around you and

your neighbors.

Burn with a little wind.

Wind is needed to move and disperse


Avoid burning wet piles.

Moisture in your pile will produce

more smoke. Dried out leaves,

limbs, etc. burn clean and produce

less smoke.

Avoid dirt in your piles.

Dirt helps hold in moisture and

will cause a smoke problem. When

building your pile, keep dirt to a


Avoid burning at night or

early morning.

Try to burn from mid-morning until

early afternoon. Early morning and

nighttime has the same effect as

cloudy days and smoke will linger.

Inform your neighbors.

Let your neighbors know a day or

two before you plan to burn They

may want to plan to be away that


Be neighborly.

If your smoke becomes a problem,

put your fire out and burn when

conditions are more