Georgia’s 11th District Republican says it was a flagrant abuse of Congressional rules that led to approval of the reform package that according to the congressman 73-percent of Americans do not want. Gingrey says he is proud that every Republican in the House voted against the package, and he is confident that those who oppose the changes will continue to voice their opposition.

While Gingrey calls the reconciliation vote a flagrant abuse of rules, Congress has used reconciliation votes to pass legislation in recent history under both Democratic and Republican Control.  According to the Congressional Records Service:

  • 11 reconciliation bills were signed by Republican presidents (Reagan: 7; Bush (41): 2; Bush (43): 2)
  • 5 reconciliation bills were signed by Democratic presidents (Carter: 1; Clinton: 4)
  • 3 reconciliation bills were vetoed by Democratic presidents (Clinton: 3).
  • 0 reconciliation bills vetoed by Republican presidents