Congressman Phil Gingrey who represents Chattooga County and a large portion of North Georgia in Congress has sponsored a bill dealing with medical liability reform.  Congressman Gingrey released the following statement on Thursday:

“The House Judiciary Committee’s approval of the HEALTH Act marks an important milestone for the progress of medical malpractice liability reform desperately needed in this country,” Gingrey said. “Without mending this broken system, we are crippling the access to care for patients and wasting billions of valuable health care dollars. We need to refocus our efforts on bringing down the cost of health care, while improving the access to it for millions of Americans.”

“As President Obama mentioned in his State of the Union Address last month, frivolous lawsuits in this country need to be reigned in to stop investors from exploiting patient injuries and ensure they are being fully compensated and fairly treated,” Gingrey continued. “By supporting the bipartisan HEALTH act, we are protecting and bringing down the cost to patients, instead of wasting money on meritless lawsuits and standing idly by while America’s injured are used as catalysts for economic gains.”

Congressman Phil Gingrey is the author of H.R. 5, co-sponsored by House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith (R-TX) and Congressman David Scott (D-GA).