The Chattooga County Chamber of Commerce will have their monthly luncheon coming up next Monday March 8th at the Depot in Summerville. The guest speaker will be U.S. Congressman Phil Gingrey who represents Chattooga County and Northwest Georgia in Congress.

Congressman Gingrey is one of the leading opponents of President Obama’s Health Care Reform Initiative.  After a meeting with key congressional leaders last week between the President and Congressmen, Gingrey released the following statement:

“What the President announced today were a small collection of meaningless platitudes designed to garner a few more Democratic votes.  It was by no means a bipartisan olive branch, particularly when Democratic leaders still plan to manipulate Senate rules to try and pass health care reform by a simple majority vote to avoid regular order.  The simple fact remains that 73 percent of Americans don’t want the current health care reform proposal to pass.  All the speeches and legislative maneuvering in the world cannot change that inconvenient truth.”

In an interview last year with AM 1180’s Newsmaker Program, Congressman Gingrey had said that they only way for agreement between the President and Republicans was to scrap the President’s plan and start over.