Representative Phil Gingrey responded to President Obama’s meeting with doctors about health care reform by calling the meeting a "PR Stunt".   Gingrey, who represents Northwest Georgia in the U.S. Congress is a medical doctor and a member of the House Republican Doctor’s Caucus.  The group stated that the President is not listening to Republicans views on health care reform and instead is just trying to push his plan through congress.

Here is the statement released by the House Republican Doctor’s Caucus:

“President Obama’s sales pitch to the American people continues despite the fact that a growing majority are opposed to his government takeover of our health care system. While he’s managed to gather a few like-minded doctors for this publicity stunt today, there is no question that most health care professionals recognize that inserting government bureaucrats into the doctor-patient relationship is not the prescription for what ails our health care system. President Obama should stop trying new PR tactics each week to try and convince the American people his plan is the one they want, and instead actually listen to what they are saying. Republicans stand ready to share our ideas with the President, but despite his public statements, he has not responded to any of our requests for a meeting to discuss health care reform."