Gov. Sonny Perdue announced March 11 the launch of the state’s stimulus accountability website, The website provides details on the state’s use of funds made available through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

“The accountability website will allow all Georgians to hold their state government responsible for how we spend their tax dollars,” said Perdue. “I want to be able to point to concrete results when my grandchildren ask me how we spent stimulus money.”

The website allows Georgians to view a video of Perdue’s directives to state agency leaders given during a meeting last month. A direct link to each state agency is available from the site and agency contacts are provided who can answer questions regarding funding, timelines, the grant process and other issues. The Department of Transportation has launched a specific stimulus webpage that is linked from the agency’s homepage, which is available via the agency contact page as well. Georgia’s site also provides details on provisions of the ARRA.

The website also provides a link to allow Georgians to report fraud and abuse to the Office of the State Inspector General. Lastly, the site includes links to federal and local governments and associations that will play a role in receiving stimulus dollars.