In an unprecedented live event on Thursday evening, all of the televisions in Atlanta joined together with over 150 other radio and television stations across the State of Georgia to broadcast Governor Brian Kemp’s Coronavirus Town Hall Meeting.

The governor was joined by other members of his coronavirus task force to talk about where Georgia is in the battle against COVID-19.

The governor said that he has resisted issuing a state-wide “shelter in place” order because there are large portions of the state that are not experiencing any active coronavirus cases.  However, the governor said that he has fully supported the move by local governments that are declaring local “shelter in place” orders.  Rome, Georgia is one of those local governments with a shelter in place order.

The governor said that the state is making great strides in expediting COVID-19 tests and the state’s goal is to have tests with quicker results in the near future.  The governor said that within a week the state has set up twenty-three testing sites, including one in Rome and one in Dalton, Georgia.

Dr. Kathleen Toomey, with the Georgia Department of Public Health said that social distancing is the key to flattening the curve and preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus.  She also explained that coronavirus is nothing new, but the current strain is something new and that is why there is so much need for people to realize the importance of social distancing.  She mentioned that many cases in Northwest Georgia can be directly traced back to a church gathering.

Dr. Toomey mentioned that communities that have a small number of coronavirus cases have the greatest opportunity to stop the spread by practicing social distancing and staying at home if possible.  Chattooga County is one of those communities with only one case being reported.

If you are showing symptoms that you believe to be similar to COVID-19, you should call this number first before you go to a healthcare professional to help stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.  The number is to the Georgia Department of Public Health.