Summerville Police are looking for a man that they say pushed his way into a home on Highland Avenue on Tuesday night.

According to police, Ashley Penn and a friend, Javonte Williams were unloading items from a vehicle after returning from a shopping trip when a masked gunman appeared in the driveway.  Penna and Williams told police that the man ran into the house and pointed a gun at one of the women.  A juvenile at the residence heard the commotion and came to see what was happening.  At that time the gunman is said to have pointed the gun at the teenager.  During the commotion, the clip from the gunman’s weapon dropped to the kitchen floor.

At one point, the gunman allegedly lifted his mask and one of the women was able to identify him.  The victims said that they had no idea why this man would come to their residence with a gun.

The masked gunman ran out of the house and took off running towards George’s Kwik Service.

Police searched the area for the man but were unable to locate him.  The gunman’s name has not been released, but police do have an active warrant for his arrest.