Georgia’s Commissioner of Corrections Brian Owens came to his post at the beginning of this year being appointed by Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue.  Owens stated: “It is my privilege to serve as your Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Corrections. I am humbled to serve among nearly 15,000 dedicated public servants charged with the responsibility of protecting and serving the citizens of Georgia. Our commitment is to remain mission focused – our mission of protecting the public is non-negotiable.” Owens was active in the work of the Department of Corrections during the escape last year of two inmates from Hays.  At that time Owens was an assistant commissioner. With the focus put on Hays Prison in Pennville since the escape of two inmates in October of last year, many Chattooga County residents continue to have questions about security at the prison.  Also, many residents have told AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio that they feel that the state broke their deal with Chattooga County residents by housing violent criminals at the facility. In a broadcast scheduled for March 30th, the National Geographic Channel’s series “Hard Time” will deal specifically with the escape of Johnny Mac Brown and Michael Tweedel from Hays State Prison in Pennville.   At the time of the escape, producers with National Geographic told AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio that they had been working on the series for nearly 8 months when the escape happened. The final episode will be broadcast at 9 PM on Monday March 30th.