Chattooga County Commissioner Jason Winters held a hearing on the proposed county budget for 2010 on Wednesday at the Commissioner’s office.  While the meeting was open to the public, only local media showed up for the hearing.

The Commissioner’s proposed budget for 2010 is about $8,000 less than the 2009 Budget.  Commissioner Winters said that he thinks that revenues will hold up in 2010 to sustain the proposed numbers.  While some departments of the county will see a decrease in their budget others saw an increase, most notably the Sheriff’s Department and the Jail budget.

Commissioner Winters said that over the past several years the Sheriff’s department has always gone over budget, and he feels that this year’s proposed budget of $1.38 Million dollars for the Sheriff’s Department and $1.4 Million dollars for the Jail will be more realisitic.

Winters said that he made the adjustments so that " (the) 2010 (budget) gets departments back in line with what is actually being spent."  WInters went on to say that "it is a budget number the Sheriff should be able to operate on."

The 2010 Budget for Chattooga County will be adopted at the Commissioner’s Office on December 31st.