AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio spoke with State Representative Barbara Massey Reece (D-Menlo) on Wednesday about the work going on at Highway 337 just north of Menlo.

Representative Reece has been in contact with the Georgia State DOT on a regular basis for over two weeks since Highway 337 was closed due to a bad culvert that caused the road to drop 8".  Reece said that according to the DOT District Office Engineers in Cartersville that are overseeing the project, the delays have been out of their hands.  The DOT blames what will turn out to be a three week closing of Highway 337 on federal regulations and mother nature.

The DOT says that furloughs of employees have not been a factor in the road still being closed.  They say that they have been rotating employees working on the project to avoid any employee shortages.  Instead the delays are due to the rainy weather and the fact that the US FIsh and Game Department has had to make inspections because of federally protected endangered species in the area.

The Georgia Department of Transportation is hoping for clear-dry weather the first of next week so that they can wrap up the project and get the road open.