When you put your family in the car this Thanksgiving, it’s every parent’s duty to tell them about the Facts of Life.. (And Death). Take a deep breath and count to three:

ONE: Nationwide, more than half of all traffic crash victims killed during Thanksgiving holiday weekends were NOT wearing their safety belts.

TWO: Due tolow safety belt use the heavily-traveled Thanksgiving holiday is one of the most dangerous and deadliest times of the year to drive.

THREE: Here in Georgia, failure to use safety belts is a major contributing factor in more than half of Thanksgiving holiday traffic deaths.

Your entire family could be buckled-up in the time it took to read about those unfortunate folks who forgot. And if your kids are too young to hear all these scary statistics, then it’s your responsibility to make sure they’re buckled into child safety seats appropriate for their age, weight and height.

Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety