The State of Georgia Department of Human Resources, with whom North Georgia Community Action,Inc. contracts, has announced that the FY2009 Regular Energy Assistance Program will officially open on December 1st to the General Public application intake period.

Allhosueholds participating in the program must meet the income criteria; be responsible for paying the cost of energy for home heating directly to the supplier; and be U.S. citizens or aliens admitted to the U.S.  for lawful permanent residence.

To be eligible, households must have a projected annual gross income equal to or less than 160% of the federal poverty guidelines, as defined by the US Department of Health and Human Services.  For a one person household, that would be $15,600; for tow people $21,000; for three people $26,400; for four people $31,800; for five people $37,200; for six people $42,600; for seven people $48,000; for eight people $53,400; and for each additional person  add $4,140 in household income.

To apply, applicants must bring their most recent home heating bill, proof of household income, proof of valid Social Security Number, and proof of citizenship or alien status.

Assistance will be in the form of a one time payment on behalf of the eligible household to help offset the cost of thei primary source of home heating (gas, electricity, wood, coal, fuel oil or kerosene)  The one-time payment will range from $310 to $350 depending on household income.  In most circumstances the checks are issued directly to the home energy supplier.  No checks can be issued until North Georgia Community Action, Inc. receives the funds from the State of Georgia, Department of Human Resources.  Assistance is on a "first come, first serve basis", while the funds last, or until the State closes the program.

Any low income residents should contact the North Georgia Community Action, Inc.’s Community Service Center for their county of residence beginning December 1 at 8:30 AM.

In Chattooga County the North Georgia Community Action, Inc office is located at 152 Senior Drive in Summerville….you can call 706-857-0729.