The Chattooga County Sheriff’s Department is investigating a home invasion that occurred Thursday night in Trion.   According to Chief Investigator Larry Kellett, two men invaded the home and assaulted Lee Petitt along with a 74 year old grandmother and in the process knocked a small child to the floor.  A third suspect waited outside while the home invasion took place. 

The men knocked Petitt to the floor and beat him with a wooden object that was found in the home. Petitt managed to get out his pocket knife and stab the two invaders who then fled from the home along with the third suspect.  Sheriff’s deputies found one of the men, 21 year old Tommy Prince, lying in the road at 39 Rose Circle bleeding profusely.  Life force helicopter was called in and transported the suspect to Erlanger Medical Center where he underwent surgery and remains in intensive care as of Friday evening. 

The second suspect that was stabbed has been identified as 34 year old David Provost.  Provost was treated for the stab wounds and booked into the Chattooga County Jail.  The third suspect has been identified as 21 year old Todd Grimsley. 

Investigator Kellett told AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio that the incident was “a home invasion” and the incident is still under investigation by the Chattooga County Sheriff’s Department. 

The residents at the home are said to be in good condition.  Petitt is suffering from multiple bruises and the grandmother is reported to be “sore” from the incident.