The Georgia House unanimously approved a measure Wednesday that would give prosecutors more leeway to seek sentences of life in prison without parole. The bill, introduced by Sen. Preston Smith, R-Rome, would change current law, which requires prosecutors to seek the death penalty before they can seek life without parole for convicted murderers. It will go to Gov. Sonny Perdue’s desk after the House and Senate hash out minor differences.  To seek the death penalty there is a list of “aggravating factors” that must be met in order to qualify for the death penalty and often even heinous crimes do not meet the requirements. The new law would give the ability to put a convicted murderer away for life — literally. The proposal passed through the House unanimously without changing the death penalty rules. However, the bill ran into a rough patch last week when it was suddenly pulled from the floor. Angry Senate sponsors accused House leaders of trying to amend it to allow the death penalty without a unanimous jury verdict. Critics say the process of seeking the death penalty is time-consuming, expensive and often unnecessary. Rome News Tribune