Authorities have learned the identity of the man missing after being involved in a boating accident Tuesday evening in Cedar Bluff.

According to family members at the location – the victim has been identified as 67 year old Jerry Coker of Adairsville, Georgia.

Coker was thrown from his bass boat, after apparently striking a log in the water at around 6:30 Tuesday evening; a 9-1-1 call was placed by an individual from Savannah Drive in the Savannah Place Subdivision off of Moneys Bend Road – with the caller stating that he`d heard a loud noise – which he initially thought to be a car crash.

The man then witnessed a person in the water in the distance with a boat circling the subject; the caller reported that he heard a single cry for help and at the time attempted to provide assistance by traveling to the location on a jet-ski – however the man had already gone under and could not be found.

According to eyewitnesses the man was not wearing a lifejacket and had failed to use a killswitch

The boat eventually ended up hitting the pier belonging to the caller and stalled out there.

After running the tag number on the boat authorities had their first indication that the victim was from Bartow County, Georgia.

Several boat teams continue to search the area where the man fell overboard

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