Chattooga County Probate Judge Jon Payne spoke with AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio yesterday and stated that the GBI has increased the fee for a firearm permit from $24 to $40.

In addittion to the $40 fee to the GBI, residents will also have to pay an additional $20 to the county for a firearm permit.  Judge Payne said that the new increased fees will go into affect in two weeks on  Thursday July 1st. 

Judge Payne said that residents should remember that they have to use a money order or certified check.  The check for the fingerpring fee should be made out to the Chattooga County Sheriffs Department.  Payne said that there is about a two week turnaround period to receive a fire arm permit.

If residents want to save some money on a firearms permit they should go to the Probate Judge’s Office over the next several days.