Chattooga County Sheriff John Everett told AM 1180 that a Chattooga County Jail Inmate walked off of a work detail and eluded capture for about six hours on Monday.  Everett said that it was the first escape by an inmate since he was elected sheriff.

The inmate, identified as 27 year old Daniel Paul Ragan, was in jail on a misdemeanor charge of failure to appear for state court and had been assigned to a work detail at Summerville City Hall.  Sheriff Everett said, "there was really no need for the inmate to escape – he was in jail on what really were minor charges." 

Sheriff Everett said that the inmate found some clothes shortly after noon and went into the bathroom at the Summerville Fire Department and changed and simply walked away.  He first went to a nearby home and called his ex-wife who came and picked him up.  Sheriff Everett said that the man went to his ex-wife’s house in Cherokee County, Alabama. 

The sheriff told AM 1180 that since Ragan was not a violent offender nothing was released about his escape immediately.  Investigators wanted to be sure not to tip the escaped inmate off by broadcasting information.  Sheriff Everett said that they were able to apprehend the suspect near his ex-wife’s house close to the county line and he was taken back into custody around 6:45 PM on Monday evening. 

Ragan is now facing felony charges of escape.