On January 24th members of the Georgia Commission for the Blind, including several advocates from Chattooga County visited the state capital. Rep. Reece met with them along with a number of other house guest and senators, to hear their concerns about services for the blind and hearing impaired.


January 24th was Tourism day at the capital. The Department of Economic Development estimates that visitors spend almost $125 million each year in communities of House District 11.


Chief Justice Carol Hunstein of the Supreme Court of Georgia delivered her annual State of the Judiciary address to a joint session of the House of Representatives and the Senate on January 25. She called for an overhaul of the States juvenile justice system in addition to expressing support for her recommendations of a special Criminal Justice reform Council.


Be listening for an interview with State Representative Reece on AM 1180 coming up on Thursday morning following the 8 AM newscast.  We will rebroadcast the interview coming up this weekend.  Stay tuned for broadcast times.