Over the past weekend AM 1180 told you about several Chattooga County non-profits that had not filed the proper forms to retain their tax exempt status.  Since we told you that story, one of the non-profits has told AM 1180 they have filed the proper form.  Menlo PTO was one of several organizations that was on a list that gave the names of the non-profits who had failed to file, they informed AM 1180 that they have filed Form 999A with the IRS.

On Tuesday the IRS released this statement:

Commissioner Shulman (of the IRS) urged the many small tax-exempt organizations that have yet to file their required information return to do so —even though the May 17 filing deadline has passed. Shulman assured small organizations that the IRS will do what it can to help them avoid losing their exempt status.

There are at least 200,000 non-profit organizations nation wide that have failed to file the form with the IRS.

You can learn more by visiting this IRS web-site: