Probate Judge and County Election Superentindent Jon Payne has scheduled a conference with the four political candidates that will be on next week’s Democratic run-off ballot to discuss voting and polling rules and regulations.  Also, Payne is expected to give some information about the counting of Absontee Ballots in next week’s election.

Due to the slow response of the printer of Absentee Ballots, Chattooga County Election officials did not get the ballots in hand until 12:38 Tuesday afternoon.  County Election workers worked well into the night Tuesday night to get the ballots into the hands of voters that had requested them.  There has been some concern about the time-frame of voters being able to get those ballots back into the registrar’s office in time to be counted for next week’s election.  Judge Payne is expected to address those concerns at tommorrow’s meeting.  Stay tuned to AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio for updates.