Lookout Mountain Superior Court Judge Kristina Cook Graham was reprimanded Tuesday morning in the main courtroom of the Chattooga County Courthouse.  The reprimand was the result of a investigation by the Georgia Judicial Qualifications Commission into an incident between Judge Graham and GBI Agents in the judge’s chambers where the judge used foul language and lamblasted agents for their handling of a drug investigation.

Augusta Circuit Superior Court Judge Daniel J. Craig delivered the prepared statement chastising the judge for her abusive language towards the law enforcement officers.  The formal charge said that the judge used "both profanity and loud accusatory language" in her conversation with the officers.

After the formal reprimand, Summerville Attorney and Judge Graham’s father – Bobby Lee Cook handed out a statement that said in part that the conversation between Judge Graham and the officers took place in her private chambers and not in the public arena and that Judge Graham treated those who appeared before her with courtesy and proffessionalism.

The entire hearing lasted less than 15 minutes.