Chattooga County Probate Judge Jon Payne told AM 1180 that changes have been made to the way concealed weapons permits are applied for and received by Georgia residents.  Payne said that the biggest change is that the new concealed weapons permit requires a picture ID.  If you want to obtain a concealed weapon permit you should bring $40 in cash or money order and a photo ID to the Probate Court office.  They will print you a receipt and the application that you then take to the Sheriff’s office to be fingerprinted.  After two weeks, if your application is approved you have to bring another $30 to the Probate Judges office. 

Payne said that the increase in fees is not adding money to the county’s coffers, instead it is used to do a more complete background check by the GBI.  Payne said that in fact the county is having to absorb the $7 fee for the picture ID.  The Probate Judge told AM 1180 that he thinks the Georgia Association of County Commissioners will ask the General Assembly to address that issue during the next legislative session.

According to the Chattooga County Probate Judges office around 250 concealed weapon permits are applied for in Chattooga County each year.