The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety says motorists should be prepared to encounter high-visibility Operation Zero Tolerance sobriety checkpoints throughout the holiday weekend as part of the July 4th mobilization.It’s a fact that there are more crashes during the summer travel months, due in part to the increased vacation traffic volume.   But with the 78-hour holiday travel period ahead, motorists beware: There’s a sobering set of injury and fatality crash predictions for the July Fourth celebration in Georgia.July 4 Holiday Fatality Predictions Are In:
Estimates from the DOT Crash Reporting Unit and the Georgia State Patrol call for as many as 1,874 crashes resulting in 895 injuries and 22 traffic deaths on Georgia roadways this Independence Day weekend.
“But most of these crashes aren’t just random events caused by too many cars navigating through too much congestion, says Director Bob Dallas of the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS).  “And don’t blame it on construction because DOT road projects have been suspended on all highways from noon Thursday until 5AM Monday to help relieve holiday congestion. 
Drivers need to pay attention to Georgia State Patrol findings that alcohol, speed and failure to use safety belts are the primary contributing factors in fatal crashes during the holiday travel periods,” said Director Dallas.22 Highway Deaths Here Last July 4 Holiday:
During the 2008 Independence Day period, there were 1,860 traffic crashes, 910 injuries and 22 traffic deaths in Georgia.  “Those holiday fatality stats continue to show why we encourage Georgia law enforcement to conduct stepped-up high-visibility speed, DUI, and safetybelt enforcement campaigns during these holidays,” says GOHS Director Dallas. “Our studies also show there are more safetybelt violations and DUI’s after dark. It’s another reason GOHS coordinates so many seatbelt and sobriety checks at night.“
The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety urges drivers to use extra caution during the July 4th holiday driving period beginning Thursday, July 2, at 6PM and ending at midnight Sunday, July 5.The Georgia State Patrol advises
travelers to make sure drivers and passengers are all properly restrained, to designate a sober driver if alcohol consumption is in the holiday plans, and for that driver to obey the posted speed limit.  GSP reminds motorists to make a cell phone call to Star G-S-P (*477) to report drunk drivers.