20 Year old Kellie Durden of Summerville spoke with WTVC TV reporter Tanya Mendez yesterday regarding her kidnapping and susbsequent release by escaped prison inmate Johnny Mac Brown.

Durden said that Brown was waiting in the laundry room of her parents home when she came in the house.  Brown took Durden at knife point and forced her to drive to Franklin County in northeast Georgia.

Durden said that Brown promised her that if she did what he said that she would not be harmed.  Durden’s parents, Rebecca and Brian Durden, said that they were frantic when they realized that their daughter was missing.  Kelly Durden told Channel 9 that when they got to Franklin County, another car pulled up and the driver picked up Brown.

Kellie Durden was taken from her parents home, located next to Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, where Brian Durden serves as pastor.