Kids have more free time in the summer and some kids may like spending time at the Chattooga County Library in Summerville or Trion.   While the library is a great place for kids to be, parents are reminded that the Library Staff can not be held responsible for your un-attended child’s safety. According to the library’s statement regarding children at the facility, they don’t want to put a child at risk. Therefore it is the policy of the library system not to leave anyone under 18 alone after a branch closes. To ensure that each child has a ride, staff members ask each child to please call their rides twenty (20) minutes before the library closes. If a ride has not arrived by closing time, staff will remain with the child for five minutes. After five minutes the police will be called!  Many children are embarrassed by this, and parents have occasionally become angry, but your child’s safety is our primary concern. Although the library recognizes that many times children rely on other means of transportation besides parents, it is YOUR responsibility to be aware of our closing hours and to make sure your child has a ride.