The LaFayette City Council on Monday began to iron out a policy on beer sales at the LaFayette Golf Course.

The council discussed and made motions on many circumstances and situations concerning the policy, including who will be allowed to sell the beer, the price for singles and six-packs, cooler usage, security and transportation, to name a few.

Depending on how the policy works, the council may review it and make changes if problems arise.

Councilmembers Andy Arnold, Bill Craig and Wayne Swanson voted for the policy, and Norm Hodge and Eric Tallent were absent from the Monday meeting.

Beer is on sale at the golf course from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. for the summer, though that is sub-ject to change.

From Monday to Saturday, no personal coolers containing beer will be allowed at the golf course, though it will be permitted on Sundays. Six-pack coolers will be for sale Monday through Saturday, and a receipt must be kept with each individual sale. There is a 12-beer limit to each golf cart.

A valid government-issued identification card must be shown to purchase beer, and the beer cannot be taken to the person’s residence. If a patron seems intoxicated, that patron will be cut off from purchasing more beer.

Individuals working at the golf house and selling beer will be fingerprinted and must be 21 years old.

Transportation was discussed for impaired drivers, but there was no final motion on the matter, and a query about a cab service was discussed Monday at a work session.

The cost of a single beer will be $2.10 per bottle, plus tax, and the cost of a six-pack will be $9.35 plus tax.

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