AM 1180 Chattooga Radio News spoke with Chattooga County Clerk of Courts Lan Cordle on Friday, who explained jury selection in Chattooga County.  Recently jurors were named for the Grand Jury.  The Grand Jury convenes before Superior Court is held in the county to hand down indictments for people that are accused of crimes in the county.

Cordle explained that the jury pool is selected at random by a computer program and then given to six jury commissioners that are appointed by the Superior Court.  Those commissioners then call up the names of the number of jurors that they need for either the grand jury, or the travellers jury which is the jury that sits through trials.

One common misconception is that only those who are registered to vote can be called for jury duty.  Cordle explained that this is not the case.  Any person with a valid drivers license in Chattooga County can be called up for jury duty whether or not they are registered to vote and the only exemptions for jury duty are age, those over 70 do not have to serve, or physical or mental dissability.