If you were traveling through downtown Summerville on Thursday evening you may have noticed law enforcement officers from all over Northwest Georgia, that’s because the Lookout Mountain Area Traffic Enforcement Network was meeting in Chattooga County.  Sheriff Ralph Kellet told Chattooga Radio News that the Network meets in different counties several times a year.  The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety sponsors the program.  Various law enforcement agencies including municipal, county and state law officers get together and share information and perform a road safety check.  26 Different Law Enforcement agencies attended Thursday nights meeting.  Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) had two representatives at the meeting that gave several awards to officers who made the most awards, including one officer that had 50 DUI arrests.  The agencies participated in four road checks scattered throughout the county including one in Trion and one in Summerville.  The road checks netted 9 total arrests including two for drugs where officers found marijuana and methamphetamines.