Georgia Lawmakers toured two correctional facilities in Northwest Georgia on Wednesday. The Correctional Industries Sub-Committee from the Georgia House of Representatives toured the facilities too see work programs that are in progress at the prisons.

Representative Barbara Massey Reece (D-Menlo) serves on the special study committee that oversees the work that goes on in Georgia’s prisons.  At Hays prisoners make lenses for eye glasses and also there is a mattress factory at the prison that supplies bedding for the entire Georgia Prison System. 

At Walker Prison in Rock Spring there is a metal fabrication facility that manufactures metal gates and grills used in Georgia State Parks and also the facility builds filing cabinets. 

 Reece told AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio that the prison system also contracts with other states to supply them with the products manufactured in the prisons.  At other facilities in the state prisoners milk cows and raise beef and vegetables used in the prison system.

Reece also said that she has spoken with Georgia Prison Commissioner Brian Owens who commended the guards at Hays Prison after the recent disturbance when around 20 inmates took over a portion of the facility for a brief period of time.  Owens told Reece that the staff at Hays were "exemplary" in their handling of the disturbance which was brought under control after a SWAT team was brought in to deal with the situation.

Around 20 inmates were transferred to other facilities after the disturbance at the prison last Saturday.